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The Office Bearers and Committee for 2024 are:



Honorary President: The Earl of Haddington


Captain: Michael Scott

Vice Captain: Barry Nelson

Secretary: Matt Whiteford

Treasurer: Brian Hunter

Match Secretary: Grant Cannon

General Committee: Dougie Bain, George Cessford, David Johnston, Brian Thorburn

Handicap Sub-Committee: Brian Hunter (Handicap Secretary), Matt Whiteford, Michael Scott

Press Secretary: Matt Whiteford

Social Media Secretary: Brian Hunter





Duties of the Captain

To chair committee meetings

To organise and oversee the running of the Society

To work with the Secretary in the organisation of Society meetings

To produce an Annual Report for the Annual General Meeting

To be a signatory on the Society's bank account/s

To liaise with the Match Secretary in matters relating to Society outings

To ensure that the conduct of members is acceptable at all official outings and functions of the Society

To oversee the Duty Committee at outings

To check all score cards at outings prior to the announcement of results

To administer all other competitions, e.g. Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive

To give a "Vote of thanks" speech to all concerned at each Society outing

To ensure that the needs of sponsors and guests are attended to at outings


Duties of the Vice Captain

To assist and provide support for the Captain in all matters above

To deputise for the Captain in all matters above


Duties of the Secretary

To produce agenda documents for committee meetings

To produce a written record of all committee meetings

To keep archives of all Society documentation and correspondence

To work with the Captain in the organisation of Society meetings

To maintain an up to date copy of the Society's Constitution

To keep a record of Members of the Society

To attend to correspondence on behalf of the Society

To nominate a Duty Committee for each outing

To disseminate information regarding all aspects of the Society's activities

To maintain a record of annual trophy winners

To produce an Annual Report for the Annual General Meeting

To be a signatory on the Society's bank account/s


Duties of the Treasurer

To be responsible for the finances of the Society

To ensure the collection of all money due to the Society

To ensure the payment of all money owed by the Society

To maintain up to date accounts

To produce financial summaries for committee meetings

To produce an Annual Report and a Balance Statement for the Annual General Meeting

To administer the Society's bank account/s

To be a signatory on the Society's bank account/s


Duties of the Match Secretary

To put before the Committee proposals, alternatives, itineraries and prices for all proposed outings

To ensure that all potential discounts and extras are obtained for proposed outings

To liaise with other Golf Clubs and courses in matters relating to Society outings

To confirm all bookings as instructed by the Committee

To liaise with the Secretary and Treasurer with regard to the details of all bookings

To organise inter-club competitions and liaise with other Clubs in all matters pertaining to these

To co-ordinate the return of annual trophies for competitions


Duties of the Duty Committee at Outings

To prepare score cards for each competitor, showing name, date, competition and current handicap

To distribute score cards to competitors

To ensure that meal orders are taken from competitors and advised to catering staff

To ensure that competitors tee off according to the order of the draw

To ensure that the markers and equipment for competitions are available at the designated holes

To collect the markers and equipment after all competitors have passed the designated holes

To ensure that score cards are signed by the competitor and marker respectively on finishing the round

To ensure the collection of completed score cards

To ensure correct calculation of competitors’ scores in stroke play and points in Stableford competition

To ensure that any monies due to the host course are paid before departure


Other Duties (to be undertaken by Sub-committees or Committee members)


Handicap Sub-committee - nominated Handicap Secretary, Captain oversees

The Handicap Secretary is responsible for arranging all meetings of the Handicap Sub-committee, administration of the handicap system and providing an up-to-date handicap list prior to each competition


Moon Course Sub-committee - nominated Social Media Secretary, Captain oversees


Social Media Presence: The Social Media Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the website is updated with outing reports, competitors' scores, photographs where available, press appearances, etc.

Social Events Sub-committee - Captain oversees

The Social Events Sub-committee is responsible for organising all aspects of all non-golf social events for the Society


To maintain a Society handicap system: Handicap Secretary

To arrange bus transport as required to and from outings: Committee Member

To ensure calculation and availability of results at outings: Committee Member

To administer the outing results for the Club Championship: Committee Member

To produce publicity for the Society: Press Secretary

To liaise with the Press regarding Society publicity: Press Secretary

To maintain a Society social/web site: Social Media Secretary

To organise social events for the Society: Social Events Sub-committee

To arrange trophy engraving: Committee Member

Michael Scott is Captain for 2024

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