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Burnham Bogey

The Club is very grateful to Tom Burnham for his most generous sponsorship of this competition.

In his excellent book about the history of Earlston Golf Club – from Huntshaw to the Moon – Tom explains that the original term for the ground score, i.e. the number of shots at each hole that a good golfer should take, came to be known as the ‘bogey’ score. Over time, as the professionals of the day were consistently beating the bogey score, it began to be referred to as one over par.

For the purposes of the Burnham Bogey competition, and to celebrate the great history of Earlston Golf Club which last held a Bogey competition in 1934, each player will be awarded 2 points (to be known as ‘bogey’ points) for each nett 2 points achieved on any hole in each of the associated Stableford competitions.


You are entered automatically into the competition when you compete in any of the Stableford competitions this year

with your best 3 match scores counting from the 4 events, thereby allowing you to drop your worst match score, or to miss an event altogether.


The winner of the Burnham Bogey Shield at the end of the year will be the player with the most accumulated ‘bogey’ points. In the event of a tie, the player scoring the greater number of points in the first match will win, failing which the second, and so on. In the event that this does not resolve the tie, the player scoring the first bogey will win, and so on until it is decided.

Play well, and enjoy the Burnham Bogey!

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